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The Blessings Already Are

This is a book of inspiration and upliftment and of expanding the awareness. It is a book that conveys the essence of Spirit in us all. It is a source of living blessings whatever your religious or spiritual approach is. The Blessings Already Are awakens the truth in your heart.


Syndicated columnist and author Arianna Huffington says that "The Blessings Already Are shows how living in a state of gratitude is truly living in a state of grace." Dr. Jean Houston, Best-Selling author and researcher, says that "You Are the Blessings" is so important in a time in which the well being of all requires that treasures of Heaven must be brought to Earth."  

You Are the Blessings

With a wealth of reflections, prayers, and poems, this compilation of spiritual wisdom stimulates the mind and soul while readying the body for life’s everyday challenges. Accessible and timeless, the substance offered will appeal to both the curious layman and those well versed in meditative thought with perceptive chapters such as Doing Good, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Knowing Who We Are, Love and Loving, and Peace. Written with a keen eye for practical incorporation into varied daily routines and supplemented with a CD recording of blessings and meditations led by the author, this all-encompassing guide is a must-have for those seeking to understand the steps necessary to achieve lifelong fulfillment..


"This is the kind of book I consider as a treasure. When I read each page of 'You are the Blessings', I feel a wonderful energy through my body. It would seem that John Morton, the author, wrote each word with special love and caring for us, the readers."  (From public Customer Reviews on The Blessings Alreaady Are
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