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What if You are the Blessings

What If on the day you were born into this world, you had a visitation from a Divine Presence who revealed to you the essence of your entire life experience?

You were shown in infinite detail your total life potential, for better or worse, based upon how you chose to respond to each and every situation. You were shown what you would or could look like, your character from best to worst, and how you would or could grow and develop. You were shown your parents, family, neighborhood, friends, enemies, and all the others. You were shown what could or would happen to you and what you could or would do in response. You were shown richer and poorer, sickness and health, gains and losses, successes and failures, and much, much more beyond your human comprehension.

You were even shown everything about the world that would or could happen, extending from whatever was past through whatever would or could happen in the future. You were shown all the ways you would or could pass through this world from birth into death and beyond.

You were shown in truth how this part of God’s creation was conditional, such that a range of choices, a kind of continuum of possibility with freedom to choose any choice that was present, was the reality of this uni­verse and particularly for this world in which you were about to be born.

In truth, you were shown everything. Yet not everything you were shown could or would happen.

Experience this beautiful What If blessing on YouTube

You were shown in profound clarity that, in truth, who you are is a Soul who transcends birth, death, and everything in the world. While your human life would be conditioned and limited, your spiritual life as a Soul would be absolutely protected and would remain intact while living in this world.

You would know your true self as a co-creator with God. You were shown that all of what would or could happen to you or others or in the world was part of God’s creation, a one-and-only creation outside of which nothing else existed.

Through all that you were shown, you realized the constant purpose for good, ever greater and com­plete good, that would eventually be fulfilled perfectly just as God’s will intended all along the way.

You were understandably quite amazed by all that you were shown about your life. And you were told, “I am the Blessings. I am your Blessing forevermore.” Now in whatever ways you live your life in this world, always know you are the Blessings.

Baruch Bashan



From John Morton's Book You are the Blessings