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Consciousness Counseling

When I do a consciousness counseling I spiritually attune with you in your consciousness and observe what comes forward through me to assist and support you in whatever you are dealing with. The level of consciousness in which we can work and the intimacy that we can establish can be very powerful. What happens with you in the session depends directly on you, such that your openness and your willingness to look into your consciousness with me will assist greatly with what occurs during the session.

I want to assist you to bring forward the most value from our working together. The most important thing to know is that my intention is that we will be working with the Divine presence which knows and blesses everything. 

During the session we are opening ourselves up to the Spirit of God, which is what I appeal to for guidance, direction, and information for the highest good of all concerned.

It will help if you have the openness to let the information come in without needing to know what the source is or if I can tell or explain more to you. I give the information from my experience and intuition concerning you. My intention is to stay on purpose for your best interests.

If you are willing to consider whatever comes forward during the session, then the way is prepared for the spiritual blessing that is brought forward through this process. My experience and trust is this will always be done according to the grace of God as we are open to receive.

I am here for you, as a consciousness of Soul, and your willingness to be open determines to a large extent what happens and what Spirit can bring forward as your blessing. It’s important that we both realize that the blessings are already present. Let’s make our coming together a process of claiming and bringing the blessings into even greater manifestation.

~John Morton

John Morton
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