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Spiritual Awareness

John Morton Ministries provides organizational and conscious counseling, education, workshops, seminars, and presentations to individuals and groups seeking information and experiences related to spiritual awareness.  John Morton has traveled the world to share about our spiritual nature and becoming aware of the divine in all things.  He works with others that are doing spiritual work, such as Reverend Black of the US Senate.  To read more about spiritual awareness, follow the quick links below. 
John has written many insightful articles and two books that cover a variety of real-life subjects, offering the opportunity to view life through the eyes of loving and acceptance.   His beautiful blessings, reflections, prayers, and meditations inspire and uplift the reader into an expanded awareness of the perfection in all things.

5/18/2013, Live MSIA Seminar with John Morton

John was interviewed recently at Prana in Los Angeles by Dianne Lawrence of Neighborhood News. Here's an excerpt where John shares about the core teachings of John-Roger and the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness:

"We have what we call spiritual exercise. That’s our core practice. Others would probably consider "Well, that’s just meditation." We make sure people understand it is not passive; it’s active and dynamic. It’s something we need to do with full consciousness, full awareness; be alert, be awake, and be ready. Be ready for something powerful that can take place that can be alarming if we are not open. We can have experiences that are unexplainable from a human standpoint, from a psychological standpoint, that are difficult to fully accept. We do a lot to encourage people to be open, to be on your way with your own personal levels of experience. Trust yourself. Find your own strength and wisdom."

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Educate yourself on your conditions and look for simple measures that can contribute to improving your health and vitality.

Remember that your state of mind, the way you feel about yourself, powerfully contributes or not to your well being depending on whether your attitude is uplifting or not.

God is alive and well within you awaiting in a moment's notice your call for assistance on all levels. Use your creatorship wisely to direct what you need while being trusting that there is a good purpose in every condition in which you are dealing.

~ John Morton

Article by John on

Moving Responsively to the Level of God

I am reminded of how many times my teacher, John-Roger, has told me and others to do something about what we want, to take responsibility. It's a call, a calling, that is answered by free choice, by choosing, and by choosing back to the source that is issuing the call. 

Check the source. Check the spirit/Spirit. Check the voice/image/view/thing you are following. Check it all out. With courage and the boldness that is the spirit/Spirit, go forward to see what follows, to see the fruits, to see the nature of the source. If it works, continue.  If it does not work, have the wit to let it go. 

Letting go is letting God and a good move. God is moving you to become all that you are to become in perfection. 
~ John Morton

John Morton Meets the Chaplain of the US Senate

John Morton & US Senate Chaplain


By Michael Thompson, May 2011
During this year’s MSIA travel staff trip to the East Coast, about thirty interested participants and ministers joined John Morton on a visit to the Capitol Building in D.C. The event included a visit to both chambers of our legislation, the House of Representatives and the Senate, where we gathered in each for about twenty minutes to chant our tones inwardly and silently pray.


The highlight of the event however was getting to meet Reverend Barry Black, the Senate Chaplain, in the Senate prayer room. He introduced himself and gave us an inspiring scripture- laced historical and autobiographical account of what duties and expectations lay in the purview of his job. In much good humor he told us, “contrary to what many believe there is a thriving spirit and a compelling spiritual directive on both sides of the aisle.”


Over two hundred years ago the Founding Fathers established this spiritual tradition by selecting a Chaplain and opening each session of the Senate with him leading them into prayer. This tradition began before the passage of the first amendment and continues today, and is often cited when searching for the interpretation of the intention of the early founders in regards to their beliefs concerning religious freedom. In addition there are discussion sessions, prayer meetings, and a weekly Senator’s prayer breakfast. Guest chaplains of all denominations are invited to lead special sessions. In addition, individual attention is available as needed for Senators and their families and staff.


In total, Senate Chaplain Barry Black is responsible as he states “for the well-being and spiritual fitness of over six thousand people.” We also learned of the constant reminders of Spirit carved as a series of inscriptions around the chamber; E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many One), Annuit Coeptis (God Has Favored Our Undertakings), Novus Ordo Seclorum (A New Order of the Ages), and of course In God We Trust.


Reverend Black finished with an inspiring prayer and asked for questions. John Morton was introduced and in his unique way brought the Traveler’s energy present. He began by telling a little about who we are as ministers in MSIA, who he is and what his responsibilities are as our spiritual director, and what takes place where two or more are gathered in the Lord. As he spoke there was a mutual recognition of our unity, a forging of fellowship that called us to a common purpose. There was an awareness of a spiritual collective, a gathering of benign beings holding in a singular purpose to guide and inspire toward the highest good. There was the revelation of a much larger intention at work in the business of the governing of our country.


John then asked Reverend Black what we could do to help him in his work. The Reverend stated that throughout the day, retirees walk the halls in prayer, prayers of intercession. He said he would like our prayers and the power in them to be added to all the spiritual work that had been done before, to make way for greater peace, co-operation, and the highest good for all of those governing our great land.


I am grateful for having been there. I left with greater hope, a more positive directive where I can actively participate, where I can minister as we are ordained, where this Light that is of the Christ can bring about transformation for the highest good through prayer.  
A beautiful meditation on the presence of Spirit
by John Morton

Keeping the Faith

You need to stop worrying and keep, emphasizing keep, the faith, keep the trust in the Lord who is the one and only true God in our midst whether you mark that within or whenever two or more of us are gathered in His Name. In our Lord we have one who never tires nor sleeps nor forsakes and is with us for keeps. So the least we can do is keeps the faith.


Our real home is not in this world and never has been. The Comforter has been sent and every real need is met by that whole Spirit of God. If something is taken from us then we don't need it. If we do need it then the Lord will return it or restore it or recreate it with something of equal or greater value; if not in this world then in the world to come which is the Kingdom of Heaven.


Now that is the promise of our Lord God. So place that trust in such a way as it never tires nor sleeps nor forsakes our Lord who is in our keeping. And if a little patience is needed or even all of our patience is needed then that too is in keeping with our trust in the Lord who is our deliverer, holding safe and secure what is needed for our souls to pass all the tests this world has to deliver.


The Golden Key is to do unto our Lord what we would have the Lord do unto us in our time of need. As the Lord always remembers you then you too can remember the Lord, calling His name and moving forth until all that is needed has become. Be ever resolved to be upon His Light, His Truth and His Way. And as needed wait upon the Lord in sacred trust. Sing His Song of Songs as the child of God you are, pure of heart, joyful in His presence as one who is counted upon as His friend.


Our day with the Lord has come just as the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Praise the Lord.

Baruch Bashan (which means the blessings already are)