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Service Programs

John Morton Ministries participates in service projects across the globe, with the mission of building communities and helping people in need.   

John Morton at the Boston Marathon Memorial

April 22, 2013 - Today I visited both Watertown and the temporary Boston Marathon Memorial at the one week observance of a Moment of Silence on Boylston Street close to the finish line.  Last night I had listened yet again to the John-Roger Conference of Manifestation seminar, The Law of Empathy. This was a perfect preparation for a deeply moving experience full of compassion, the sacred, and all this is triumphant of Spirit. Over and over, I was moved to tears of beauty and glory transcending the pungent presence of pain and suffering.

Insight Candlelighting Ceremony - February 2013
John spoke during this Insight 35th Anniversary event and helped facilitate the closing candlelighting ceremony.
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Wheels for Humanity in Afghanistan and Pakistan

John Morton, Holly Engelman, David Morton

John Morton and two MSIA ministers, Holly Engelman and David Morton, traveled in Pakistan and Afghanistan January 16-24, 2002, doing humanitarian aid work for Wheels for Humanity in collaboration with the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA). Through email, John sent brief messages about his travels.  The following provides excerpts from his correspondence. 


We, David Morton, Holly Engelman and I are very comfortably holed up in our Karachi Sheraton digs. Tonight we are told we are dining with the Mayor of Karachi, a city with a population of a mere 13 million or so. 


Yesterday our PIMA hosts took us around to several PIMA supported clinics that cater to the poor and the poorest of the poor. We were also told of medical camps that are set up in the more rural areas that provide free operations.


In one doctor’s moving account, we were told of the prevalence of cataracts in the local population with historically many people going blind often simply due to lack of medical attention. There is a simple lens replacing operation that can be done so that the vast majority of these cases can go from very poor eyesight, moving toward blindness, to not even needing glasses.  


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John Morton in Afghanistan

Visting Thailand After a Tsunami

John Morton in Thailand

John Morton went to Thailand in 2005. John shares his experiences while in Phuket, Bangkok and Chang Mai in the aftermath of a tsunami.


I got an invitation from Reverend Brian Cutchell (to go to Thailand).  Part of the reason was to do some Light work, just to go stand in the country with whatever Light could come along. When we got into the car with our driver, Brian was with me at this point, the driver mentioned that he had lost his 3 year old niece and that kind of brought it home that this (tsunami) was an event that affected I’m sure a lot of people either very directly, personally, or through somebody they know. On the way to our hotel, which is at the opposite end of the island, we were talking about the effects of the event on people. I think most of it was just the sense of the unpreparedness for it, not really knowing how to handle something like that, not really knowing what it was and it was over rather suddenly. Then they were dealing with these big effects.


It was obvious to me that they were very much ready and wanting people to come back, and I kept hearing or seeing the message of “Do you want to help? Come visit.”    Read the full article