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John Morton promotes individual and world peace


Peace is integral to John Morton Ministries mission. John promotes and has participated in inspiring peace programs in countries all over the world.  He also serves as the Spiritual Director for the Institute for Individual and World Peace (IIWP), facilitating peace and edcuation workshops.

Spirit of Peace & Gathering of Peacemakers MP3

Spirit of Peace & Gathering of Peacemakers MP3


John Morton guides us to a Gathering of Peacemakers, a meditation designed to evoke the spirit of peace in our hearts and actions. 

This meditation also includes Leigh Taylor-Young narrating a beautiful visualization called Spirit of Peace, where loving is the catalyst for creating a healthy, balanced, and peaceful planet.   The file for download is available at


Leigh Taylor-Young  

Planting a Peace Pole on Robben Island, South Africa

A Peace Pole was planted as a symbol of international peace by the Parliament of World's Religion's Sunrise Peace Pilgrimage, inscribed in Xhosa, Zulu, English and Afrikaans: "May Peace Prevail on Earth."  The pole was blessed by the Rev Boudewijn Goudrlaan, vicar-general of the Liberal Catholic Church in South Africa, and by John Morton.  Read the article in the Cape Times Newspaper

Moments of Peace Videos

John has also shared about peace on many of his journeys across the globe.  If you were inspired by John Morton's blessing of peace on Robbens Island, you may enjoy more YouTube Moments of Peace with John.
2011 International Day of Peace

On September 21, 2011 as part of the International Day of Peace, John Morton facilitated the Institute for Individual World Peace (IIWP), first-ever Peacemaker Meeting via Skype for the European community. In total, 87 participants from 8 countries tuned in to this landmark event. Folks attended in person at the London hotel suite where John facilitated the meeting. Other participants connected in via Skype – some individually and others in group gatherings.

Peace is a Presence that is Void of Againstness

By John Morton


In the course of conflict with others, there often seems to be an idea that someone has to be defeated. But peace is a presence void of againstness.

When people are throwing things at you that you don't like or want, it is going to be really valuable for you to know how to get out of the way when you can. So learn how to get out of the way. Learn how to move fast and duck. Then you are learning better abilities. These abilities of ducking and getting out of the way will be lifelong assets in your favor.

Sometimes peace is also a process of being willing to take the hit, to be confronted with againstness and not return it in kind.  Peace is the willingness to love no matter what is thrown or withheld.

From: "You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us," p. 206

John Morton

A Moment of Peace at Robbens Island

Planting a Peace Pole

John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young attend a peace pole planting at Rosemont College
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