Supporting service, peace, and spiritual awareness

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Programs for Children

John Morton Ministries supports chiildren and programs that promote their spirituality, health, and well-being.  John Morton serves as Spiritual Director for Insight Seminars, including programs that provide a special opportunity for young people to grow and learn.   

Supporting Insight Teens in Tanzania

Teen Insight Leadership creates opportunities to empower and support leaders of tomorrow by giving and receiving service and connecting with the global community.  In August 2009, young adults and graduates of Teen Insight Leadership spent two weeks working with impoverished and orphaned children in Tanzania, Africa.  Teen Insight partnered with the Knock Foundation and the Matumaini Child Care Organization to help children at Matumaini AIDS Orphanage.


John Morton joined the teens in Tanzania, supporting their awareness of how life can be better for themselves and others when they live compassionately, making choices from their hearts.


Mentoring Children

John supports young children to be self-empowered

A Child's Question About God

John Morton discusses spirituality and God with a young child named Benjamin in this delightful video

Follow this link on YouTube to see more videos with John Morton