Supporting service, peace, and spiritual awareness

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John Morton Ministries

Founded in 1994, John Morton Ministries, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, provides services in the form of personal and organizational ministerial counseling, education, workshops, seminars, and presentation to individuals and groups seeking information and experiences related to spiritual awareness, individual and world peace, and charitable service to others.

John Morton Ministries supports charitable programs and events as an extension of the MSIA ministry of John Morton, as well as other ministers doing work in these charitable programs.
  • We provide spiritual counseling, education and direction to individuals and groups.
  • We promote spiritual awareness, peace and service to others.
  • We support youth and children's programs that teach spirit inspired leadership, empowerment and service to others.
  • We participate in conferences that promote spirituality, peace and community service. We support charitable causes and charitable acts of kindness.
John Morton Ministries presents and supports seminars, workshops, and gatherings for experiencing and developing ever greater manifestations of the blessings. 

What People are Saying About Our Work

Dr. Jean Houston, best selling author and researcher, wrote about John's book, You are the Blessings

"This book is a blessing. One reads it to enter into the soul's high purpose and comes away ignited with the blessing of spiritual communion, a gifting of grace, a deep knowing of one's true relation to God.  John Morton offers us the genius of one who has dwelt in the spiritual fires, honed his heart into the utter simplicity of one who receives the Spirit as a natural moment by moment gift.  That is why this precious book is so important in a time in which the well being of all requires that treasures of Heaven must be brought to Earth."  


John Morton conducted part of the Insight Seminar IV: Knowing the Purpose of Your Heart Program, and with Leigh Taylor-Young an Introduction to MSIA in Sofia, Bulgaria last June.


John Morton Ministries supported Insight Seminars Teen Leadership and The EduCare Foundation to support and serve the Matumaini Child Care Center in the village of Rau, a facility that houses and cares for some twenty orphans.


John Morton and Leigh
Taylor-Young co-presented "Gathering of the Spirit of Peace in All" at the Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia. Their presentation explored peace within the context of interreligious understanding and cooperation.

Spiritual Awareness

As part of his MSIA ministry John Morton travels extensively throughout the world in support of spiritual awareness, education, and charitable causes. He has conducted seminars and workshops, and written books focused on the study of  spiritual awakening and blessings.