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John Morton is known for his ability to lift and inspire others with his gentleness and practical approach.  John focuses on the good in all and sharing that goodness with others.  His devotion to this work of Spirit is reflected in his blessings.


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A Blessing for All by John

John Morton and


Blessing of Higher Consciousness

This blessing is from John's book, You are the Blessings.  Learn more... 

Conciencia Superior Meditacion

    Begin by engaging the part of you that calls upon all the blessings available to you. Be on purpose with yourself right now, and ask for the consciousness that is Light and love, the consciousness that is the Christ. And through the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, you breathe this in.

    As you breathe in and out, you are choosing to receive and choosing to give. In this moment, come into a neutrality with your life and let yourself be present with acceptance.

    You let your breath be here with you completely, wherever you are and in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

    You may find it important that you close your eyelids so you can have a better awareness of what is going on inwardly. Let go of the world for this moment. You are protected. There is no need to guard.

    Take a moment to see a light that radiates from you like a beam or a ray, that if you were slowly turning 360 degrees (that means all the way around) at about 5 degrees every second, then in a little over a minute you would be scanning into every part of your life and seeing this light radiate. As you can see light radiating into whatever you look upon, there is a clarifying and lifting.

    Notice the care of this light. It is not too slow, taking just enough time. The light gradually becomes brighter, like a dawning. There is no urgency in the dawning, and the brightening of the light is in a per­fect rhythm. You can sense the light radiating from your vision, so you may see energies or things coming before you, which you keep allowing to pass as no longer con­cerning you. You realize that you do not need to know what is taking place in every way.

    As new things are revealed to you, simply allow yourself to look with openness and a sense of understanding upon whatever you see.

    You realize that you have an agreement from long ago to allow and accept that each occurrence has a purpose. As much as you would want something to change to what you like, to be different, you realize the great importance of always beginning with acceptance.

    As you come into the acceptance in a deeper way, there is loving, there is understanding, and there is compassion towards yourself.

    You realize you come to a consciousness that observes, that is always above what is taking place below. In this higher perspective, you can see the great design. You can see all the harmony and perfection in the whole, that everything is connected and integrated in perfect ways.

    Take a moment to scan within yourself through the body, through the inner consciousness that is the mind, the emotions, and all the ways that you would perceive yourself physically. Within your own consciousness is a point, sometimes referred to as a still point or a center point. It is a source of light. It has no bounds, and it radiates in every direction. You realize that you are always in a consciousness of illumination that is the Light.


Baruch Bashan.